Overview of ENW

Theology, Philosophy & Methodology

  • ENW seeks to bring to the field a unique biblical discipleship model of equipping versus an academic model of merely dispensing biblical information. One is geared toward a hands-on personal style of training. The other tends to limit itself to a “lecture class” format.
  • While ENW recognizes the value of larger group settings (i.e. Christ taught His disciples as a group and even spoke to much larger groups as well), the model of effective discipleship is fleshed out in two passages which give two significant principles established and employed by Jesus. Both passages point to a personl “life touching life” model of training. {Mark 3:14; Luke 6:40}
  • Mark 3:14 says: Jesus ordained twelve so they could be with Him . . . imagine the opportunities for mentoring.
  • Luke 6:40 says: The goal of this training was growth and change into “Christ-likeness”.
  • ENW earnestly desires to build its ministry model by incorporating these two principles Jesus employed in His ministry.

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