How Did ENW Get Started?

I took my first trip to the Philippines in 1997. The family I visited organized and hosted a training conference for pastors and workers. There were about 80-90 who attended. For about 2 days, I gave one session after another and answered questions from national pastors by providing help from the Scriptures. Two more trips were made to the Philippines. I spoke in churches out in the jungles. These churches are pastored by men who have little resources for further training and equipping. They do the best they can with what they have. I visited a primitive Bible institute set up to provide basic training for young men who came in from the jungle churches. Some of these young men have little more than an elementary school background. The need is great.

In 2002 and 2003 I took back-to-back trips to Uruguay. Ken Jensen, the director of EMU, coordinated these two trips for me to speak to several national pastors and workers. I had the opportunity to speak to the group and also visit some of their churches. It was exciting to speak in their churches and then spend time afterwards responding to questions.  Inevitably, they would ask, “When are you coming back?” At that time, I couldn’t really give them an answer. Now, by the good providence of God, I can be a little more specific. National pastors are so eager to learn and are so grateful for the help they receive.

In 2004 I turned 50 years old. I began to think and pray about the best way to invest the next 15-20 years of my life. My desire for training national pastors was growing. The need for this missions effort was obvious. Good stewardship of time, desires, effort, and gifts seemed to be pointing to this type of ministry. A Pauline theology of identifying, equipping, and ordaining national pastors was becoming clearer and clearer. Paul never looked to Antioch for the pastors needed to shepherd the churches he planted, nor did he send men back to Antioch to be trained. He trained and established pastors from the cultures in which he planted the churches. Having been established in 2005, ENW is just getting off the ground. We have already received requests for help from the Philippines, Zambia, Ivory Coast, India, Australia, and Mexico. The issue is not whether there are enough places to go.  The issue is adequate financial support so ENW can get to the field and begin training nationals ASAP!

Thank you for your interest and potential partnership in this missions endeavor.

– Bill Hill, Director