To help national pastors and their congregations discover, develop, aggressively pursue and effectively maintain a thoroughly biblical philosophy of great commission ministry.

Faithway Baptist Church is the “Acts 13 Antioch” for ENW. The New Testament model is local churches authorize mission work – – Therefore Equipping Nationals Worldwide is authorized and commissioned by and accountable to Faithway Baptist. It is Faithway’s many endeavors to obediently follow the mission of Christ to His church.

Paul was committed to train national pastors to reach, assimilate and equip their own people. He never brought Antiochian {Acts 13} men in to pastor “national” churches nor did he send young nationals back to Antioch to be trained. He trained and established leaders from the cultures in which he planted churches. ENW desires to follow this Pauline pattern of equipping the nationals to shepherd their people.  ENW also strongly desires to help in the training of our own national’s right here in America.

ENW seeks a 6-8 year strategic plan for each training location . . . coming back year after year building on each successive teaching unit (8-10 teaching units are available).